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Erys, our identity.

Founded in 2022, Erys Creative is a creative agency with base in Fort Myers, FL. we work with a wide variety of fronts of design and digital marketing, our main trait is the enthusiasm to work and help people make more money and seeing their ideas and dreams being materialized, it's what drives us to keep going.


Find the way for everyone to accomplish their dream project, we love to work and cultivate a “hustling” mentality, and that is beneficial to all of us.



Work closely with you, understand your brand, possible pain points, and have you covered on all your design and marketing needs.


We aim to become the perfect complement for your business or startup, we want to build a professional relationship based on trust and good work.

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Our web design services enhances your brand’s online presence and engage your audience with a website that truly represents your unique identity.


From captivating logo designs to thoughtfully crafted visual identities, we create a brand persona that resonates with your audience.


From large-format banners that business cards, we bring your vision to reality with precision.


Partner with us to unleash the full potential of your brand and create a powerful marketing presence that sets you apart from the competition.


Amplify your brand’s voice with our dynamic social media services, we provide catching visuals and engaging content.


Boost your online visibility and dominate search engine rankings with our comprehensive SEO services and experience increased organic traffic, higher conversions, and a stronger online presence.

We'll be with you every step of the road.

An agency that actually cares about you, honesty and trust is our way.


The Start-Up

We specialize on making your vision a reality, tell us about your ideas, your products or services, we can help you make it happen, and start materializing your project, step by step, no project it's too small


Expanding Your Business

The hard part are the beginnings, but now, we need to grow. Creating different digital channels to sell and get clients, sharpen your brand and make it appeal to your target audience.



After the structure is built, we need to stay on top of our strategies to analyze performances, tuning campaigns, monitoring performances, and finding new ways to expand, there's always a higher level to achieve.


People that believe in us.

Sweet. These guys are really trustworthy, worked together till we got the perfect design for my business, I already ordered the shirts!

Dave Suskevich

Blue Collar Pride

Great time working with Erys, really captured what I envisioned.

Joan R

JR Xtreme Design

They really helped out on the launch, all the designs look so good and professional.

Mario Aquino

AutoContainer Export

Thank you so much for your work on these and sending them back so quickly. Honestly, I love them all and I know which one I like best. I am so impressed that you took inspiration from Dominica. I was further impressed that you found out what our highest peak was. That makes me very happy and it is further confirmation that my images are in the right hands. Thank you so much again, and I will get back to you as soon as I hear back from him.

Alces Scotland


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